by King Pin

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released August 12, 2014

from Burrows, track released 22 August 2014
Written By King Pin
Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Hoover
Mastered by Adam Cichocki (Timber Studios)



all rights reserved


King Pin London, Ontario

Emotionally driven hardcore from London, ON.


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Track Name: Within a Frame (ft. Mackenzie Colvin of Icons)
They say a picture says a thousand words
So I took a photograph just hoping that someone would listen to what I’m sayin
A portrait depicting my trembling body caught in storm
And all the blankets in the world ain’t keeping this boy warm

And what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think you can see
The tearing within the painting that my heart keeps trying to seam
Maybe if I wanted someone to free me of my world
I’d be hide a bit less behind a mask, tear down my metaphors and take a picture of my words.

But you won’t see them
And you won’t see me
Shining my true north’s light
But I don’t have much time
I’ll take my polaroids and leave everyone behind
Track Name: Nothing Brings Me Down More Than Growing Up
The summer rang in with burning flame
It pierced into my skin to make something out of my name
It’s that time of year where everyone’s moving forward
But I’m still at the starting line waiting to hear the gun fire

My bed’s my solitude
31 days spent in my room
And the sun only reminds me of my lack of motivation
And unaccomplished goals I set out before the calendar had turned

Still sitting with fingers aching
I waited for an answer to question I was too afraid to ask myself
Maybe help me off my feet. It’s time to hit the pavement
But any sense of self-made motivation shattered at impact

Stop using apathy as an excuse for unemployment rates
My clouded mind does not justify my financial state

"What will they think of me once their judgement’s cast?
Am I even ready to meet my dying aspirations?
I don’t know if I’m strong enough to do this anymore
But I can’t just wait for this to happen. Progress isn’t knocking at my door.”

Day 2,
I’ve been sitting in my room all alone
These four blank walls feel more like a prison cell
With my ambition locked inside

Day 5:
I’ve been feeling less alive with each passing hour
I just sit and think of what better time could be taking advantage

By the end of the month,
I just wanna sleep my life away

All I can do is wait for fall to bring me back to life
Nothing brings me down more than growing up, but it's this life I choose
Don’t wait for the world, cause the world won’t wait for you
Track Name: Burrows
The sun is black the skies are grey
And in my head constant dismay
My subconscious burrows ringing my ear
Stay discontent or disappear

I just don’t understand those sad, bitter songs
About the ones you held on long to
Like they didn’t even matter
I might be lost within this world
But it’s all inside my head
I am the reason for my own unhappiness

I stare into the mirror longer than I want to
I catch myself in my own disgust
I’m lost with no direction
And the worst of my intentions
Is an urge to smash the glass

I can only see what my mind chooses to perceive
A lost boy, lingered inhibition And a sense of doubt
No vacancy for a solution no room for others help
Just an unjust spite I hide within myself

I just want to feel something other than nothing.
The sun is black The sky is grey
And I just wanna make it all go away
I just wanna feel something other than nothing
Track Name: Colder Skin
Well I'm another year older
My skin is getting colder
My grey patched up hair reflects the pain of last year
And I'm losing my friends
And I'm losing myself
And I don't know how to cope

I'm just as lost as I was twelve months ago
And now that I'm twenty I've gotten used to nights alone
And I don't know where home is
And I don't know how much longer I can take this
The weight on my shoulders is much to heavy

I'm falling

And it seems like everyone is moving on to greener pastures
And I'm still stuck here all alone
And alone its all that I know how to be
so just leave
Track Name: Greener Pastures (ft. Lucas Smith of We Live This Day)
We build our lives around these tiny self traumas
Those fleeting little moments
And we base them as a foundation
And we base them as a foundation for things to get better
But sometimes things don't get better
See most times we let them devour our lives
We let them consume our spirits
And do things ever get better
Do things ever get better
Do they only get worse
Do they only get worse
Do things get better
Do they only get worse
or do they just stay the same

Maybe we could find our shelter without running away from ourselves

I don't know if it's in my head but I still feel so alone
Track Name: Shallow Heart
Reflecting on my sins
I exchanged pain for admirations
But there were never enough bruises
To comply with your situation
I remember it all too vividly
Everyday it creeps into my mind
What brief time we spent together
It's all I think about day and night

Now all my friends are dead
and you know I can't find
Solitude in ghosts

I've been trying to replace you
With girls who look like you
But no one could ever be you
No one could ever break my heart like you do
Bring me down
No one could ever keep me up like you have
No once could ever make me feel the way you make me feel
It's a thin line between worthless
And on top of the world

There are people, their faces
They're like versions of you who haven't brought me down yet
Can't see your face in the back of the room
I just see right through

You are just a ghost
Nothing but a ghost
Drifting through the walls
Of my shallow heart
I can't see your face at the back of the room
It's just black