Damaged Goods

by King Pin

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released September 27, 2013

All Songs Written By King Pin
Recorded at Metonic Studios in London, Ontario
Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Hoover

King Pin is:
Andrew Hoover- Guitar
Bob Calwell- Vocals
Jameson Wolfe- Drums
Nathan Aranha- Bass



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


King Pin London, Ontario

Emotionally driven hardcore from London, ON.


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Track Name: Plea
Here are some songs and I’m sorry if they suck
Lately everything seems darker and I’m not sure what’s up
I can’t find the fucking answer, I can see no fucking truth
So I've written these songs for someone to listen to

Maybe they could help
And tell me what’s wrong
Tell me if I’m crazy
I’ve been hearing all these voices and I never get to sleep
This bed is always empty
It’s sad, yes I know
I’m nineteen years old and still afraid to sleep alone

See, I create these fabrication deep within my mind
They tell me things will get better, but they never fucking do
Nothing seems bright with no light in my path
I’m still speeding up forward, still stepping on the gas
This darkness surrounds me and it never leaves
Follows me throughout the day and meets me in my dreams
Nothing’s getting better and I don’t know what’s wrong
So I’ve hidden a plea inside all of these songs
To see if someone does
Track Name: Brother
Fifteen years buried in my skull
Thinking I’m the one to blame and it was all my fault
And how dare you force my repression
I was young, I was scared, and I didn’t understand

And I can’t believe you’ve settled down with a wife and kid
Because of you I never will
I’ll never trust my blood again, I’ll never let someone else in
I hope it keeps you up at night knowing that I’ll never be the same
I’ll never sleep again

Let go.

You piece of shit
Don’t ever call me brother.
Track Name: Parachute
I trip, I parachute. I sit alone all day
I lie to myself and then I’m okay
So stop, you’re asking too many questions
And if it works for me, that’s all that really matters

My friends always tell me I worry far too much
About the things that I can’t change or the people I can’t trust
It’s gotten to the point where I’m not motivated enough to tie my own shoelaces up.

I often go nights without rest in the fear of my own death
The night would grab me in my sleep, and my parents, they would weep
So I’ll deny my fate and wrap it in a blanket of insecurities and self doubt.

I can’t stand modern man and modern man advances
I can’t force myself to keep up with this false promise of hope

Everyone is so goddamn apathetic, these days
We have the means, we have the knowledge, but lack the will
So if you think your passive activism is really doing shit
I’ll be the first to tell you that your screen won’t save the world
So if you strive for change,
Why don’t you get off your ass and try to make a difference
Now I’m not saying that I am the exception
I self-medicate to escape my grim reality

I’ll continue to sit in my room all day alone
Deny my past, as I do my future
So I’ll wrap my sweet denial in my concealed oppression
Wash it down
And parachute.
Track Name: Exhale
The Sun it rests upon the Earth
And found it's way back to the dirt
Hand in hand dreading to part ways
You shed a tear and brushed it off your face

And I'd trade all of the stars
For a freeze frame of that day
And I'd sit and watch the world catch fire
And I'd trade all of the stars
For a freeze frame of that day
And in that moment I could stay forever

The horizon begged for an escape
But in that moment I could stay forever
Track Name: Distance
In the begging I asked you if I was crazy
Well at least now I know
And it’s something that I must come to terms with
Starting today I’m pushing everyone I love away
So just keep your fucking distance, just stay away.